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2.6--Oslo in the Summertime

As usual, the Dennis Legacy begins with a birthday (which will happen next Chapter too, so get used to it if you haven't already). ; )

Also as usual, Mya is the one that initiates the candle blow-out. Olive and Feng attempted ONCE to bring Ada to the cake when she was a toddler, but Mya raced them to Mar and won.  Don't let her old age fool you; Mya is not afraid to use her cane to swipe people out of the way to get to her grandbaby first, especially on birthdays.  So Olive and Feng shrugged it off and chalked it up to another Dennis family tradition to allow Grandma Dennis the honor of the birthday sparkle initiation.  Plus, Feng wasn't sure his ego could take being bull-rushed by an old lady and losing again.

As soon as Harper aged up, Adamaris rushed to play with her little sister. She had been waiting impatiently to have a sibling to play with and since her parents only let her hold Harper occasionally when she was a baby, it just made her all the more excited when Harper was *finally* a toddler.

"I'm glad I can play with you now!" Adamaris said excitedly as she pulled Harper into a gentle hug. "Now I have someone to share secrets with and laugh at mom and dad with... well, I mean, when you learn how to talk and all."

Harper just stared at her sister silently, taking in the words that Adamaris was spewing out so quickly that they often sounded like gibberish.  It was pretty well-known within the Dennis family that Adamaris often rambled restlessly and incoherently when she was excited, so they would nod and pretend to listen.  Harper, on the other hand, was enthralled.  This was something new to her, someone *actually* talking to her and she tried her hardest to understand.

It wasn't long after Harper's birthday, that Olive received a call from Sybil letting her know that she was pregnant with their second child.

"Is your back supposed to hurt ALL.THE.DAMN.TIME? Seriously, I think I have arthritis.  Hayley tries to convince me that nothing is wrong, that she experienced the same with Michelle, but I don't believe her."

Olive laughed at her hypochondriac sister. "No... Lee is right. Nothing is wrong and back pain is completely normal."

"What if I'm not pregnant at all and it's a tumor? What if the doctor said I was pregnant just so he could watch it progress, because it's so rare and he wants to see what happens?  I could be part of a conspiracy Olive; a medical phenomena the likes of which no one has ever encountered."

Olive chuckled and shook her head slowly.  Sybil was still just as neurotic and insane as ever; how Lee managed it, she would never know.

This is what Sybil looks like on most days.  She seriously has a perpetual grimace whenever I see her lugging her pregnant belly around town.  Almost makes me feel bad forcing her to carry she and Hayley's second child... almost. >: )

Things went on as normal within the Dennis household.  Feng and Olive divided their time between work and the girls...

...and wisely spent whatever time they had left-over as "special adult alone time".
Watching questionable late-night cable apparently. 0.o

"Special" alone time, indeed. Bow-chicka-wow-wow.
I feel like such a perv. 

Olive and Feng were certainly not above pawning the girls onto their grandparents.  It's a good thing Mya and Robert didn't mind.  

"What exactly are you playing, dear?" asked Mya.

"I saw this movie on TV where this bus had a bomb, right... and this lady and man had to drive it fast enough to keep it from exploding; I'm pretending that I'm the lady and I'm saving all the passengers.  Wanna play?"

Robert laughed. "Trust me... you don't want grandma anywhere near an operating vehicle. Especially one that has a bomb attached to it."

Mya slapped his shoulder playfully. "Hey! I contested all those tickets and the court sided with me, remember? And sure Mar, I'll play."

Adamaris looked at her grandmother hesitantly. "Um... okay. But I'll drive grandma... just in case."

Robert laughed quietly to himself, catching Mya's intense stink eye that was reserved just for him.

>>Movie reference, in case it wasn't obvious.<< Super old school; and yes, I'm *still* referencing '90's movies.

A week after her Uncle Snuffle left for College, Adamaris had been hearing some rumors concerning her father. She wasn't sure she wanted to discuss it with her mother quite yet, so she called Corrigan; hoping to at least get some validation.

"Snuffle?" Adamaris asked hesitantly.

"Yeah? Are you okay Mar?"

She paused; not knowing how to continue her inquiry.

After the pause carried longer than they both antipicated, Corrigan asked again as gently as he could. "Mar, you know you can talk to me about anything. So, are you okay?"

"I know Feng's not my real dad..." she said in a flurry, "...I've always known, but some kids were talking at school and they all know who my real dad is and I don't.  Why don't I know and they do?"

Corrigan sighed. "Feng is your father, Adamaris.  He has always been there, and will always be there... he just isn't your biological father."

"Then who is?"

"That's something you need to ask your mother. That's... that's information that I think should be heard from her, not me Mar.  I'm sorry."

That night, Adamaris joined her mom and dad on the couch fully intending to ask the big question... the question that had been plaguing her longer than she'd like to admit.  As she let her thoughts roam, however, she began to believe the rumors that the kids were saying; that her mom was intentionally keeping her away from her true father.  And if that were the case why would she tell her, her father's identity now?

So she decided to do this on her own secretly. She was turning into a teen in a couple of days and she would have more resources at her fingertips then.

Olive noticed Adamaris sitting uneasily on the couch in silence. "Are you okay, sweetheart?"

Adamaris smiled bleakly. "I will be." 

This chapter was definitely a filler (and the shortest one I have written yet, I believe); I realized too late that I didn't get enough pictures of the original plot I had planned... Oh well.

I also couldn't think of a title, so I just named it after the song I was listening to while writing.

^^the video is fan-made, so ignore the weirdness... O_0

A Close-Up of Ms. Harper
She looks a bit wide-eyed and creepy here, but I promise she's cute.  I had to recreate her for the Harris blog so she looks a *little* different, but since you won't see her as a teen in this legacy before she leaves I suspect no one will notice... except now you will because I just mentioned it. *shrug*

So Mya and Robert will not effing kick the bucket; not that I necessarily *want* them to, it just amazes me since I didn't do much with them exercise-wise to make them last longer.  Mya is at 106 days (which seems to be capped for some reason; I check how old she is everyday, but it always says 106) and Robert is at 104 (I'm not sure how he caught up age-wise since he and Mya have always been six days apart).  

Sybil and Hayley had their first baby named Michelle (the one Hayley was pregnant with right after they moved out); this is what she looks like:
Michelle got Sybil's CC skin (found >>HERE<<), but everything else she got from Lee.  Normally I would refer you to the Family Tree, but I  have some MAYJAH spoilers going on in there, so DON'T.LOOK. Unless spoilers are your thing, then go on ahead. : )

--Feng is at level 4 of the Science Career (and has a kick-ass garden in the backyard) and Olive is still at level 2 of Athletic Trainer (mostly because I'm lazy).

I believe that is everything, so ONWARD!

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2.5--Saying Goodbye to Snuffle

Not long after Feng and Olive were married (and I mean literally minutes after all of the guests left the party), Olive went into labor.  

"I don't care what my mom wishes. NO.MOAR.KIDS!  Sybil can help her fill that damn wallet!!!!"

Feng wasn't much help.

A few more curse words and punches from Olive for getting her into this mess, and Feng officially entered a labor-induced meltdown.

Once Olive and Feng got their bearings straight, they deduced that their most viable option of having a healthy baby safely (as well getting access to an epidural) was to rush to the hospital.

About three hours later (and much cursing later), Olive gave birth to a little girl.  They had yet to pull a name from a hat, as per the agreement with Mar, so Olive and Feng settled on 'Little Lex' for the time being (as Feng seemed to think that their new daughter was the spitting image of a female Lex Luthor). <<<Nerd, remember?

"Not the most charming resemblance to make, dear."

Feng shrugged. "She's bald and cranky... a perfect Lex Luthor if you ask me. Plus, she'll laugh about it later."

Olive laughed. "I think you have that mixed up.  We'll laugh about it later, but she certainly won't."

"Then we'll have blackmail material.  A win-win situation, if I say so myself."

"And this is why I love you." Olive smirked.

The Next Day...
After a sleepless night, the family gathered the next morning to take part in the naming ritual that Olive and Mar had concocted.  Not wanting Feng to miss out before he had to go to work, the Dennis-clan woke up extra early so everyone could be there.

Olive pulled the first name out of the hat. "Eliza." She declared.

The whole family grimaced.  "I call a re-do!" Feng yelled.

Olive laughed. "All right. Her name will be... Harper?"

Mya smiled. "I like it. Harper Dennis. Has a nice ring to it, I think."

"I agree." Feng offered. The rest of the family consented to the name and then congratulated Adamaris on her name choices.  

Once Feng had scuttled off to work (reluctantly), Grandpa Robert dared Corri, Olive, and Ada to a videogame contest (of which he won... multiple times).

"I may be old, but I still got it!" He declared.

While Mya decided to give Olive a break from watching the baby and introduce herself to her new granddaughter, Harper.

"Looks like we don't have to call you Lex anymore... thank goodness." Mya said laughing.

Olive decided to use her break from watching the girls wisely, and went straight to the tattoo parlor.

She got a butterfly, which represented her daughters.

And a dragon on her left hand to symbolize the union of the Cho and Dennis family.

Back at home, Adamaris went to play on the trampoline after losing her third consecutive videogame to her grandfather.  
She also decided to change into her pajamas in order to go outside and play for some reason. *shrug* To each his/her own, I suppose.

She wasn't very good at it.

Luckily her Uncle Snuffle was willing to show her the ropes.

"The trick is to find your momentum and then go with it."


"Yeah! It's easier with two people.  When I land, you begin your jump and my momentum will catapult you into the air."

"It's working!" Adamaris yelled as she went sailing through the air. "It feels like I'm flying!"

Corrigan laughed. "Just don't jump too hard or else you'll go flying over our fence and into the street.  Your mom will never forgive me if that happens."

Later that night, when Feng returned home, Adamaris decided to preside over the dinner table.


Feng laughed as Adamaris became more desperate to get his attention. "What is it, my Queen?"

"I order you to read me a bedtime story tonight.  The one with all the fairies."

Feng bowed his head in mock reverence. "As you wish, milady."

While Olive was upstairs bonding with Harper.
And looking like a total creeper while doing it.  Seriously, WTF??

It was that very night that Corrigan decided to tell his family the news he had been withholding since he first received his acceptance letter.

"As you are all aware, tomorrow is my birthday..." Corrigan began, "...and since I really want to move out on my own as soon as I become an adult, I decided to apply to some colleges."

"Well that's great!" Robert offered.

"Well then I bet it's great to hear that I got accepted to my preferred university... in France."

"In FRANCE?!" Mya gasped. "But that's... that is thousands of miles from here Snuffle."

Corrigan nodded sheepishly. "I know, mom.  The distance is a little scary, but they have a really great business and art program there and since I'm hoping to dual major in both, I figured I might as well go to the best."

"Well I think that is fantastic Corri. Congratulations! But I also think that this is a conversation for you, mom, and dad.  C'mon Ada, Feng... let's leave them to it."  Olive ushered Feng and Adamaris out of the living room to give them some privacy, but not before Feng gave Corrigan a congratulatory thumbs up and Adamaris offered a weak smile in support.

As soon as they had the room to themselves, Mya and Robert took some time to clear their thoughts... while Corrigan waited uncomfortably for their reply.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Mya asked.

Corrigan nodded firmly. "Yes. I have my heart set on this, ma."

Mya looked to Robert, who gave her a nod and a smile.  She didn't want her son to leave (her last child to leave), but she knew she needed to let him go if that is what he wanted.

She sighed heavily, allowing all the built up worries she had be released, before finally consenting. "If this is what you want Corri, then you go for it.  I'm not happy that you are moving so far away, especially since this is your first time living on your own, but I trust your instincts... most times, at least."

Mya pulled him into a quick hug before scuttling off to her room.  Corrigan knew that she was crying, and was trying to get away from the scene so he wouldn't witness it. 

"Will mom be okay?"

Robert pulled his son into a hug. "She will be. She just has a hard time letting you kids go."

"Usually you're the one that cries though."

Robert laughed. "Hey! Those are manly tears of testosterone and I only shed them once you guys have already left."

"What about the girls' graduation?"

"My eyes were just a little sweaty that day."

"Sure, dad.  I'll let that excuse go... this once."

Robert winked. "Thanks, son.  And don't let your mother fool you, we are both extremely proud of you."

And with that, Robert joined Mya in their room while Corrigan contemplated his coming birthday and move.

The Day of Corrigan's Birthday Extravaganza...
The whole family gathered for Corrigan's birthday; wishing to usher in his new era as they had done when they became adults.

Adamaris and Sybil were especially excited.

And then the all-too-familiar sparkles engulfed him, forcing him to grow up even if he didn't care to. 
He became quite a handsome man, albeit with extremely colorful hair and a questionable 5 o'clock shadow.

Corrigan was even more excited when he realized he still had cake to look forward to.  

When everyone had finally left, Corrigan spent his last night with his niece helping her with her homework.

"You'll still keep in touch, right?" Adamaris suddenly asked while he was explaining the solution to a problem.

Corrigan smiled. "Of course I will.  I'll always be your Uncle Snuffle... I'll just be a bit further away is all."

"France is farther than 'a bit.'" Ada smirked.

"You're right.  But my point still stands.  I'll answer whenever you call, and write back whenever you write... we'll still be family, just separated for a time."

"You'll answer the phone, even if I call while you're in class?"

Corrigan laughed. "Let me amend my statement. I'll call you back whenever you call... if I don't answer that is."

Adamaris nodded. "Okay... remember, you made a deal that you would keep in touch and I'll be angry if you break it."

"Then let's shake on it, to make it official."

Adamaris and Corrigan shook hands, before he brought her up to bed and tucked her in.

"I love you Uncle Snuffle."

"I love you too Mar."

After putting Ada to bed, Corrigan finished packing up his room.  He got a sudden wave of nostalgia when he looked at the etched drawings he made on his bedroom wall and remembered how this tiny, confined space had always been his sanctuary when he needed to get away.  He was certainly going to miss this place and miss his family, but it was time to make a name for himself... to learn to stand on his own without his parents aid.

"It's time to go to France!" Corrigan said aloud, hearing his voice echo off the empty walls.  He smiled. "It's time to grow up."

The next morning, at the crack of dawn, the whole family gathered outside to say goodbye to Corrigan.

Mya, Robert, and Adamaris gave him a final hug while Olive slapped him playfully on the shoulder for the last time and Feng gave him a wide smile.

"Well... this is my cue to go.  I love you all, and I'll give you call mom when I get there."

Mya nodded.  She knew if she said anything, she would start crying; so she kept her words minimal.

Pretend you don't see toddler Harper.  I couldn't fit her birthday in here plot-wise, but you'll all see it next chapter. *waves hand* It's all an illusion!

After the goodbyes, Corrigan left to build his future.  Although he was severely regretting his choice of transportation to the airport. "Damn bike!" He yelled, on his way down the hill just outside the Dennis household.

Mya laughed. "Who wants to bet he doesn't make it to the airport on time?"

"Considering he took the shittiest bike we have, I'm willing to throw some money into the pot." Olive offered.

Robert scoffed. "Language, young lady. You're in the presence of children!"

And just like that, one Dennis was beginning his first steps to adulthood; while the rest of the Dennis-clan bet against his fresh start.

For the record, Corrigan did make it in time for his flight... so the bet be damned! Corrigan showed them!

This won't be the end of Snuffle.  He'll be making a not-so-small appearance in the Harris Legacy, once I get everything finished here and officially move on to the new Generation/Blog (as I'm sure I've stated time and again... reiteration is key, or something).

Here is the close-up of the exceptional Mr. Snuffle, in all his multi-colored hair glory.

And because I really like this picture with all my little heart; here he is strikin' a pose.

Anyway, these are the "official" updates:

  • Feng is at Level 3 of his Science career (Contraption Manipulator)
  • Olive is *finally* at Level 2 of the Athletic Trainer career (Body Builder); and like I said last chapter, she is frakkin' buff... I call her McMuscles now.

Well, that's about it.  Time to move on to Chapter 22, I say!