Friday, July 29, 2011

The Beginning of a Legacy

Mya and Robert Dennis, after spending their first year of marriage in a cramped studio apartment in hectic Bridgeport, found themselves newly situated in a cramped house in quiet Twinbrook.

"Could be worse..." Mya thought to herself.

"At least we have a front yard... albeit a very, very small one," Robert snickered. "Let's go take a look inside."

(I laughed so hard when the game gave him that sweater that I decided to keep it, but of course there were graphic glitches so I had to change him; Let's just make a mental note that Robert is indeed a cat person).

"See, we have a kitchen and a bathroom... Oh God! We finally have a bathroom... with walls!" Robert couldn't contain his excitement.

No more makeshift "walls" made out of spare towels and cardboard boxes for the Dennis's... there was going to be pure, unadulterated privacy in this house! 

"But what about all the 'good times' we had in that bathroom?  You know, sharing the shower... sharing the tub..." Mya said with her most suggestive smile.

Robert took advantage of their new-found alone time and pulled Mya into a massage, knowing full well that would set her in the mood.

"We don't need a shitty, ghetto bathroom to have 'good times'" Robert purred.

"Mmm... right.  We just need a shitty, ghetto living room."

Robert laughed.  Mya always had a way with words... or in this case, turning his words against him.

It wasn't long before Twinbrook residents interrupted Robert's master plan.  And he was less than enthused.

"Of course we get a welcoming committee right when I'm at the top of my game."

"The 'top' of your game looked a bit like 'mediocre' from where I was standing." Mya joked.

"My... the love in this marriage is astounding" Robert stated with a pout.

Mya pulled him into a kiss.

"You know I love you.  Now stop pouting and go answer the door... our door." Mya teased.

"Fine, fine." Robert reluctantly sauntered toward the door, only to be greeted by two middle-aged women.

Blaise Kindle; who managed to completely disgust Mya with her ability to eat dirt from off the floor.

"Amazing right? My digestive system must be indestructible!" 

"That is... certainly a rare feat." Mya stammered through her growing nausea. Were all Twinbrook residents this strange?

And Alma Drill, Blaise Kindle's roommate.  Whom despite her straight-lace appearance, was seemingly oblivious to the digestive mannerisms of her friend.

"Don't mind Blaise.  She... uh, doesn't exactly have the best people skills."

"Well, neither does Mya.  Although Mya's social ineptitude comes from sarcasm, not... uh..."

"Fits of odd behavior?" Alma offered.

A few more socially awkward (for all involved) moments later, and Mya was throwing the tell-tale sign that she needed rescuing from their guests.  Just one quick pat on the back of her neck and Robert knew it was time for the women to leave.

"Bye." Said Alma simply as she ushered Blaise out the door. "I hope we can all meet up again sometime."

And with that, Mya and Robert were left to their own devices yet again.

"Did you see that? She seriously picked up a pile of putrid dirt, that I wasn't even aware was there, and ate it... ate. it."

"They are... certainly interesting." Robert stated, amused and distracted by his wife's overly flamboyant conversational manners.  Mya always needed to use her hands when talking, as if she didn't know what to do with them otherwise.  Although, Robert could think of a few things.

"But..." Mya continued, "... I hate to admit it, we definitely fit in here if this is what Twinbrook citizens are like.  I mean with the weirdness anyway... not the dirt eating. Definitely not the dirt eating." Mya shuddered.

Robert couldn't help but pull his wife into another kiss.  She was right, after all.  The Dennis's were anything, but normal. 

And now they had a home of their own.

Woo! First chapter is done and I'm not sure where I'm going with it. At. All.

Just a few notes: if you noticed that there was a mysterious third woman during the neighbor-introduction scene, that was Penny Pincher who glitched and got stuck watching the T.V. in their living room.  I had to reset her (twice... grrr!) and then eventually gave up on fitting her into the story.  She does make a brief butt appearance in one of the shots in place of Blaise who also happened to glitch and got stuck in the Dennis's front yard.  GAH!

Anyway, this chapter was short and sort of uneventful, but I hope that as I progress and get more of a feel for the characters the chapters will gain at least some semblance of excitement (and plot).

Also, I'm really liking Blaise.  She certainly does some strange things autonomously, so I might be opening up a bigger part for her later on.  Not sure yet though.  

In case anyone is wondering about Mya's traits (I placed Robert's traits as well as what my generation rolls are in the "Generations" tab), I honestly forgot to write them down (d'oh!).  For my next update I'll put hers up. :)


  1. You've gotten off to a hilarious start!
    I'm looking forward to reading more. :D

  2. Great introduction! Nice loving couple surrounded by a lot of interesting characters.

  3. Lol, I forgot an exclamation point on my first comment, so I tried to edit it and somehow managed to delete it in the process. That's how computer savvy I am... :) Let me repeat:

    Haha, Blaise. I love the daredevil trait.

    I like your writing, and I can't wait to read more of the Dennis legacy!

    (Damn exclamation points :D )

  4. Aw, thanks everyone! This is truly one of my first creative writing attempts (I usually quit after a Chapter or so).

    @buckley I feel your pain. You should have seen how long it took me just to get this blog up *facepalm*
    And I love, love, love the daredevil trait as well. Certainly brings autonomous flavor to their interactions.

  5. Great start! Your generation rolls are interesting. I'm looking forward to see how Mya and Robert are going to deal with the mixed couple/change of scenery options.

  6. Yeah, the change of scenery is going to be a toughie since they are pretty much dirt poor... but they already have their eyes on a particular house so hopefully they can save up and buy it before they kick the bucket. :)

  7. Great start to your legacy! I think Robert is super cute and I love Mya's spunk. I can't wait to see what sort of trouble they get into!

  8. I love Mya and Robert already! They have such character and feel so alive-!

    1. D'awww. Thanks! I didn't think anyone was still reading the first two generations. :)

      Thanks for making me smile with your comment/readership. Double :)