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2.2--A Wedding

Mya decides to start their first week in the new Dennis house with a bang.

As per her agreement, the kids threw her a small family gathering since Mya didn't care for everyone in Twinbrook to witness her turning into a "wrinkle infested old lady."

Despite obsessing over the fact that she was going to be an elder for the past week, Mya was quite happy to finally be on her way to retirement.  She was quickly losing patience with the children at the school and although she was revered within the Education Community as a fantastic teacher, it was clear that her career was taking a toll on her sanity.

Robert joked about it with her one night; "I thought you said you love kids?"

"Yeah... my own children.  It's other people's kids I can't stand."

"Then you entered the wrong career, babe." 

Mya laughed. "Tell me about it."

But that was all in Mya's past; now she could stay home, be lazy, and play with her grandchildren.  Who could ask for anything better?

That night, the Dennis clan all went to bed early as they had a wedding to plan and attend the next day.

As usual, Hayley and Sybil slept on the old mattress that Mya and Rob let them borrow; except this time it wasn't in a cramped kitchen, but in a spacious entryway.  

Now Sybil didn't have to worry about falling off and knocking something over, thus waking the whole family like she did the night they spent in their old house.  And Lee had been no help; she just laughed at Sybil as she attempted to hastily put everything back in its place and find the bed.  "It's like a Monty Python skit!" Hayley said.

Despite their "tumultuous" first week of engagement however, both the girls were happily dreaming of tomorrow. Sybil was excited to have Lee as her wife and Lee was equally excited to build a home and family with Sybil.
The Wedding Day...
Sybil and Hayley got up early to make sure that the venue was set up properly, while the rest of the family got ready.  They decided to go traditional and have their wedding at the local Chapel. <--I wish my computer's low graphics could properly do this lot justice.  It's absolutely brilliant.

Walking through the Chapel, Sybil couldn't believe that someone actually wanted to marry her.

"This has to be some weird cosmic joke.  I mean... I'm bat-shit insane at my worst and suffer mild neurotic attacks at my best.  Oh my-lanta! What have I convinced Lee into doing? What if I'm in a coma and this is all a dream?! WHAT IF I DON'T EXIST???!!!!!"

"Don't you think that is jumping the gun there, babe?  Usually it takes you contemplating the universe to jumping straight to the 'coma' theory.  You skipped quite a few fears in between 'I can't believe I'm getting married' and 'I must not exist.'" Hayley said, interrupting Sybil's almost full-blown panic attack.  She had seen enough of these over the years to know that simply circumventing Sybil's thinking process tends to make it stop.

"It must be the adrenaline." Sybil offered sheepishly.

"Well let me say this then.  This isn't some fluke.  I love you and you love me and we're tying the knot as a symbol of that... nothing more, nothing less.  Besides, I'm pretty sure it was me that convinced you that we should get married.  You just beat me to the proposal."

Sybil laughed. "I think you have your facts mixed up.  I definitely came up with the marriage idea." Sybil saw that Hayley was about to retort, and quickly added, "...but let's just agree to disagree.  I don't want to start our new life with a fight."

"Oh no! You aren't getting away with this that easy.  I'll let you stop this now, but I fully intend to win this fight after the marriage."
"That's the spirit! Now I know you are a Dennis.  'Don't fight unless you intend to win' is pretty much our family's motto."

"I gathered as much." Hayley said, chuckling.  "But I'm not a Dennis yet."

"Well, you will be in an hour.  Are you sure you want to do this?  You've seen my family and you know how crazy I can get, I don't want..."

Hayley pulled her into a hug. "I want this Syb.  There's nothing more in the world that I want.  I promise. Now stop trying to talk me out of it and go finish getting ready!"

"Well all right then Mrs. Dennis." If Sybil was somehow unconvinced of Hayley fitting in with the Dennis clan before, her opinion had been thoroughly reversed.
Minutes before their wedding, the girls retreated again to the dressing rooms in order to let their guests be seated.

While Sybil was trying to calm herself down again, Hayley was inspecting her figure. 

"I swear I'm getting fatter." Hayley thought to herself. "I thought the 'letting go' process started after you were married, not before?!"

Before Hayley could finish that thought, the wedding bells chimed and it was time for her to officially join the Dennis family.

"Because this ring is perfectly symmetrical, it signifies the perfection of true love. As I place it on your finger, I give you all that I am and ever hope to be."

"Because this ring has no end or beginning, it signifies the continuation of true love. As I place it on your finger, I give you all that I am and ever hope to be."

And just like that, Hayley Cornett was now Hayley Dennis... and tied to possibly the craziest woman in Twinbrook.  But, as she said, she wanted this and she wanted her, so Hayley's wish had been fulfilled.

"So... how does it feel to be my wife?" Hayley asked.

"I won't be able to accurately answer that until tonight." Sybil answered with a suggestive grin.

Sybil laughed when she saw the shocked look on Hayley's face. "What? Olive's lechery was bound to rub off on me over the years."

Hayley smiled. "I like it."

Reception Montage....
*cue sappy 90's love song*
Aaaaand just for funsies...
^^... Adamaris sat out the entire procession on the dance floor.  She is quite the little raver.  

The Next Day...
The night before, Hayley had confessed to Sybil that she was carrying their first child from the one night they were able to sneak a quickie while the family was out during their engagement.  Sybil was ecstatic, albeit very scared, to be a mother; but Hayley reassured her that they would get through it.

They had planned to move out the day after the wedding to a nice, little house a few miles away (thanks cali!); so they decided to leak the news before they left.
Mya had absolutely no qualms accosting her new daughter-in-law. "You see this wallet? It's basically empty except for two pictures of Adamaris.  I want enough grand-babies to fill this wallet. Understood?"

Hayley laughed while saluting Mya in a mock gesture of consent. "Understood Captain."

Olive, on the other hand, although extremely happy to hear the news was at the same time sad to her sister(s) go.  After all, she, Sybil, and Hayley had gone through a lot over the years and now they would be journeying off without her.

"I'm going to miss you guys, Syb." 

"Honestly, Olive! You talk as if we are moving to Shang Simla!"

Olive laughed. "I know.  It's just... I'm used to having you and Hayley close when I needed to talk. And vent. And make fun of mom when she does something ridiculous."

"We'll be just a phone call away, Ollie.  And I promise that we'll still be there to laugh at mom."

"You know I can hear you two, right?" Mya scoffed.

"Love you mom!" Sybil and Olive said unanimously.

Robert chuckled. "Nice recovery."

And with that, Sybil made the final call to the real estate agent, said goodbye to her family, and then left with her spouse to start their new life.

Olive missed them already.

Later that afternoon while Mya and Robert watched Adamaris, Olive drove to meet with her very first client as an Athletic Trainer.  His name was Feng Cho; he sounded nice over the phone, which helped with any fears she had over getting a bitchy client her first day on the job.

"You're my trainer?" Was the very first thing that came out of his mouth.

"Don't let my spaghetti arms fool you.  I'm as strong as an Ox, not to mention being the reigning Track and Field Champion for three years straight."

Feng laughed nervously. "No.  I meant... you're really attractive and I'm a little embarrassed of how out of shape I am.  You sounded beautiful over the phone, but I was kind of hoping it was false advertisement."

Olive laughed. "That's the whole point of this, isn't it? I help you get back into shape and then you can catch all the ladies in Twinbrook."

"Would I be able to catch you?"

It had been a while since any man had flirted with Olive (or Olive had actually put herself out there to be flirted with) and she wasn't quite sure how to respond.

Seeing that he had made Olive flustered, Feng quickly attempted to recover. "I apologize if I made you uncomfortable.  Can we just pretend that never happened?"

Olive smiled. "It's not that you made me uncomfortable.  I just come with insurmountable baggage.  Or in other words, I have a daughter."

"Oh." Was all the answer Feng gave. 

Well at least I know what his response would have been had I let this go a little further. Olive thought to herself.

"Let's just go inside, okay?  And make you all muscular and such." Olive hoped that jumping right into his training would break the awkwardness that was now stewing between them. She couldn't afford to lose a client.  Especially her first client.

Despite Feng's protestations of being out of shape, he was already quite healthy; which in turn, made Olive's job a bit easier.

But that didn't stop her from pushing Feng as far as she possibly could.  At least she knew she had job where she could vent her frustrations without seriously offending anyone.

After their training session and Feng had paid Olive, he decided this would be the best time to resume their conversation.

"So... I had a moment of clarity while you were yelling at me."

Olive laughed. "I may have overdone the yelling part."

"'May' is probably an understatement.  But that's not what I want to talk about."

"Well, what do you want to talk about?"

"Your daughter and how I don't care that you already have a child.  Hell, I love kids... I was just taken a little aback by the news."

"Wait... what are you saying exactly?"

Feng brushed the back of his neck nervously. "What I'm saying... well what I'm asking is... would you be interested in going on a date with me?"

"I, uh. Are you sure? I mean, I would love to, but... it has been a while, since High School actually, that I ever considered 'dating' someone."
"So... that's a yes, then?" Feng was obviously not giving up on this.

"Yes." Olive answered.

"Great! How is tomorrow night for you?"

"Tomorrow night is perfect, actually."

"Good.  I'll come by your house to get you around six.  Oh... and bring your daughter."

Olive smiled.  I guess dad was right about people surprising you sometimes.

When Olive returned home, she immediately greeted her mother with the news.

"Looks like me and Mar have a date tomorrow."

"With whom? And why are you taking Adamaris?" Mya asked cautiously.

"With my client.  He's really nice, mom.  Nothing like 'he who shall not be named.' And because he wants to meet her."

Mya smiled. "Well, I'm glad you are putting yourself out there Olive.  I was starting to worry about you."

"Nah.  I just needed... uh, a few years... to get myself back on track. Although I will admit that I'm really nervous to even be considering this."

"Being nervous is natural Ollie.  Closing yourself to the possibilities, however, is not.  I'm really proud of you.  And if this doesn't work out, well there are always other chances."

After putting Adamaris to sleep and crawling into bed herself, Olive pondered her mother's words.  Mya was right; she had closed herself off from finding love, but now that she was opening her heart to possibly allow another... she couldn't help but wonder if she was making the right decision.
Next Chapter will be the debut of the beautiful house that calisims made for Syb and Lee.  I'm so excited to show it off. Thanks cali!!

If you noticed that Corrigan was suspiciously missing, that is because he was.  I forgot to ex-nay his going to prom that night... but since he was having such a good time there, I decided not to spoil it.  Oh well.  Just use your imagination and pretend he was there. : )

Anyway... here is a close-up of Elder Mya:
The game gave her some crazy hair so I had to fix it (gray with red streaks? Wut.), but overall I think she aged up pretty gracefully. : )

In case anyone is interested, the Chapel I used is from Awesims and it was originally built for Queenstown.  It is absolutely gorgeous! I would definitely recommend downloading it if you are into the architecture.  
Here is the >>LINK<< 

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2.1--Generation Two

The following week flew by pretty quickly in the Dennis household.

There was a lot of TV watching... 


 ...Snuffle's badging ceremony...

...and taking care of Adamaris while Olive went to school or did her homework.

Mya and Robert had forgotten what it was like having a baby in the house, and although they both loved their granddaughter wholeheartedly, they also missed having time to themselves (and eight hours of sleep a night).  Olive always took care of Ada-Mar-Mar as soon as she was done with her homework, but that didn't keep Mya from idly remarking that they "were getting too old for this shit."  (<--- an ode to Lethal Weapon).

"Speak for yourself!" Robert said laughing, "I'm still in the prime of my youth."

Mya smiled, shaking her head. "Whatever helps you sleep at night, dear."

Luckily for Mya and Robert, all of the children would be aging-up the next day. <---Which turned into a birthday clusterfuck! 

The Next Night...
Mya and Robert took off the next day of work to get everything set up for the mass Birthday extravaganza.  Much to both of their relief, the kids wanted to have one giant joint birthday party in order to usher in a new era since both Olive and Sybil would be full-fledged adults after tonight. 

Adamaris and Olive stepped up the plate (cake).  Since it had become a Dennis tradition for Olive to age up first, they all decided to roll with it.  Besides, it was way past Ada's bedtime and there was no way Olive was spending the whole night fighting with her to go to sleep.

Olive was quite happy with the results.

Next up was Syb, who despite knowing that her birthday was tonight, still managed to seem both surprised and confused by the sudden engulfment of sparkles.

She felt that her bathing suit was appropriate birthday attire, apparently. <---Goodness, she's beautiful!

Last, but certainly not least, was Corrigan... a fit of new-found teenage rebellion (and mild insanity), he decided he wanted green hair... so green hair is what he got.

Right after the birthday festivities, Syb rushed to propose to Lee... something that they had been both discussing for days beforehand.

It wasn't any surprise that Hayley happily agreed.

"Plus," she said after they were officially engaged, "who could say 'no' to you in a bathing suit?"

"Not you apparently."  Sybil answered as she pulled Lee into a hug. 

"Nope.  Let it be known from this moment forward that I only married you for your body."

Sybil laughed. "Well at least you're honest."

Once the guests were gone, Olive spent some time with Adamaris... relishing in the fact that she was now a toddler and no longer had an unwed teenage mother.  "Now you have an unwed adult mother." Olive said, laughing.

Since all of the girls (Hayley included) were graduating the next day and the Dennis clan was moving houses, Sybil and Hayley decided to spend their first week of their engagement with the family.  Not to mention they now had a wedding to plan, so living with the Dennis's just seemed like the best option for the time being.

Mya and Robert placed their old bed in the kitchen for the girls to sleep on; they didn't seem to mind.

Graduation Morning...
Mya got up early so she could watch Adamaris while her mother got ready for her Graduation.  Olive was unusually nervous for today; it would officially mark her progression from teenager to adult and she couldn't use school work as an excuse for not maintaining a job any longer.  Plus, she had a daughter to think of and support.

"Mom?" Olive asked, strategically beginning the conversation while her face was turned away from Mya.  If there was one thing her mother was exceptional at, it was pinpointing someone's emotions and even though Olive had mastered the "poker face" throughout the years, Mya was always able to read her like a book.

"Yes sweetheart?"

"Now that I'm technically an adult, how long are you and dad going to allow me and Mar to stay with you guys?  I mean, I'm sure I can find a suitable job and apartment in a few weeks or so... if that's all right with you two to let us stay there that long."

"Well, we were hoping you and Mar would move out tomorrow.  And, you know, live on the streets and beg for food.  We were going to get you a box for your graduation present; it will be nice living space if you ask me."  Sometimes Mya's sarcasm could be a bit too thick.

"What happened to all those responsibility speeches I got over the years?  Or the countdown to our 18th birthday on the wall?  I thought those were all hints that you wanted us gone as soon as we were able."

Mya laughed. "God! I'm a terrible mother.  That was just a joke, Olive! Well... not the responsibility speeches, but my point still stands.  Plus, I thought it was pretty obvious we were making room for you when we bought a house with 3 bedrooms."

Olive let a sigh of relief escape.  She knew, deep down, that her parents weren't the kind to kick their children out, but she still managed to allow the fear to creep in through the cracks. "Thanks mom."

Mya smiled.  "You know, your father had his eye on this new house when I was pregnant with you.  He said that he wanted to buy a house that his children would be proud of and someday inherit.  So technically it is us living with you, not the other way around.  This will be your house someday, if you want it."

Olive smiled. "I love you mom."

"I love you too.  Now go get ready for your Graduation!" Mya said as she pushed her daughter out of her own bedroom.

When Olive sat down to breakfast, Hayley and Sybil were just waking up.

"Babe." Hayley said, "You can't just leave the bed unmade."

Sybil shrugged. "What? It's a spare mattress; I promise you that no one will notice if we just leave it."

Olive laughed. "She's right Lee. Mom and dad won't care.  It's their old shitty mattress and I'm pretty sure that old thing will be thrown in the garbage soon."

"Still, we should at least make the bed... no matter how old and tattered it is."

"Suck up!" Olive sang.

"You would say that."

Olive gave Hayley her usual smirk. "I did just say that.  What you gonna' do 'bout it?"

Hayley shook her head, laughing. "Nothing... because every time I enter any bet or contest with you, I end up being beaten.  And I'm a sore loser."

"Spoil sport.  You are a Dennis now! You're supposed to fight me to the death until you win!" Olive scoffed.

"I'm not a Dennis yet." Hayley corrected, "so I still have some semblance of rational thought."

"But you are marrying into our family, so I would say that both your rationality and sanity are up for debate." Sybil interjected.

Hayley smirked. "Touche."

A couple of hours later and the girls were all ready to be done with High School.

Mya was quite proud to see her girls moving on to the next stage of life...

...while Robert was sad to see his little girls growing up.

Corrigan couldn't help but laugh at his dad's overemotional response.  "We can all hear you crying, dad.  There's no need to hide in the bushes."

"I'm not crying!" Robert said, turning around to wipe some fresh tears.  "Let's go, shall we?"

Corrigan smiled. "Whatever you say dad."

The ceremony was longer than they all anticipated and Adamaris, growing quite bored with bouncing on her uncle Snuffle's knee, began to sing her "ABC's" loudly for everyone to hear.  She even yelled "Momma!" when she saw Olive walk across the stage to receive her diploma. 

As the Dennis's were generally known around town for being inappropriate already, no one was particularly embarrassed by Ada's outbursts.  They were, however, quite surprised that Adamaris's first words (and song) were all during her mother's graduation.

Olive attempted to get Adamaris to repeat the new words she learned once the ceremony had ended, but to no avail. "You just like having an audience, don't you?" Olive said, laughing. 

Adamaris's smile was the all the answer she needed.

Since his sister's graduation was early in the morning, Corri was able to catch the last half of his first day of High School (much to his dismay).  Olive had managed to convince him to go when she exaggerated the difficulty of moving to their new house that afternoon.  Being the lazy kid that he is, he willingly agreed... deciding that sitting in a desk was much better than lugging stuff between the two houses. 

"Good luck." Corrigan said sarcastically as he left the house for school.

"You have a good day at school my wittle Snuffle-kins!" Mya yelled, catching his look of disdain as he realized that she had said that in front of some of his new classmates that took the same bus. <---Ignore the inconsistency of taking a bus to school in the afternoon.  My game glitched and didn't send him to school that morning (I planned on him simply missing his first day), but when they had all returned home from the Ceremony the bus was there waiting for him.  0_0  So off to school he went. *shrug*

The move ended up only taking a couple of hours.  They had managed to move everything in, but there was still some renovations that needed to be done... which they all decided, in their fatigue from the day's labors, could be done tomorrow.

While the girls discussed the renovations that needed to be done, and their excitement over the upcoming wedding...

...Mya and Robert were reminiscing about when they first discovered their new home.

"And you thought we would never get this house!" Robert teased.

"Well, it was pretty implausible at the time.  I mean, we were basically dirt poor and expecting our first child."

"The point is..." Robert said, cutting her off. "...I was right, and you were wrong."

Mya shrugged. "There's a first time for everything."

"I want to hear you say it."

"Fine!" Mya sighed. "You were right.  We got our dream house and now we can die in it.  Are you happy?"

Robert laughed. "Very.  Now let's go take a look inside."

And just like when Mya and Robert first arrived in Twinbrook, the Dennis's now had a new home of their own.  The only difference being, they now already had a family to share it with.

Here is the >>LINK<< to the house again, in case anyone is interested.

I'm aware that according to the rules, you are *supposed* to move out the non-heir as soon as they reach YA... but I'm not doing that for now.  I really want to get Sybil and Hayley on their way (properly) and make sure they are all set up before moving out.  I'm controlling, what can I say?

I brought back a character from my previous legacy (an EA NPC) and let me tell you, it was bitch to get him over to Twinbrook... not to mention set up his history for my current legacy. You shall see the fruits of my labor next chapter... ; ) 

As usual, here are the CLOSE-UP's!

She is Excitable and Easily Impressed.

She gained the Good Sense of Humor trait and her LTW is Perfect Mind, Perfect Body.

She gained the Natural Cook trait, and her LTW is Celebrated Five-Star Chef. 

He is now a Computer Whiz, with strikingly green hair.