Sunday, July 31, 2011

1.5--Olive is Growing Up Too Fast!

Now that they had a child, Mya and Robert found themselves much busier than before. The only sanctuary they experienced from the day's turmoils was either from the rare nap...

 ...or when they were finally able to turn in for the day.

However, despite their lack of sleep they were enjoying every minute of being parent.

Although, Mya did express some concerns about the creep-tastic doll that they received from a mysterious Losto family.

"Fuck. Did that thing just move?"

"If you move again, I will not hesitate to set you on fire."

----But today marked a special day.

"Can you believe today is Olive's birthday? She's growing up too fast!" Mya knew she was being a bit dramatic, but time was flying by too quickly.

"Mya, she's only going to be a toddler.  It's not like she's moving out... just growing.  Which she was bound to do anyway.  I would be worried if she didn't."

"We have to throw her a party.  She may be a baby, but no child of mine is having a birthday without a celebration of the event."

"You're right." Rob stated, "I'll make a call after I get dressed for work.  Can you handle getting the cake or should I pick it up on my way home?"

"I'll get it.  Knowing you, you would get her a bachelorette cake and think it was hilarious."

"Hey! You're the inappropriate one in this relationship."

"Exactly. I should be the one to do it." Mya teased.  "I'll take Olive with me.  It will be good to get her some sunlight.  And, you know, so I can show her off around town."

Robert was on the phone as soon as he was changed...

...while Mya and Olive made the long-trek to the store.

(That's right, they still don't have a car.)

By the time everything was bought and arranged, the party was in full-swing; at least to Mya anyhow.

"I'm going to show these 'brook's how us Bridgeporters party!"

------3 hours later.

 "So how do you think the party went?" Mya asked.

"Uh... interesting, I guess."

"You didn't like it?"

"Well let's recap, shall we?"

"...Juliet Gray showed up in a hospital gown... that afforded many unwanted butt-shots."

"Oh you liked it." Mya teased.

"Blaise Kindle ate dirt off of our floor... again." Robert continued.

"Ugh... glad I didn't see that."

"And Jeannette Finley danced on our counter while Olive blew out her candles."

"Yep," Mya interjected. "A rip-roaring success, I say!" 

"Well... at least Olive most likely won't remember."

 "...But we will." Mya stated as she snuggled up to Robert.

"Mmm... I'll remember tonight quite clearly."

"You certainly will once I ask you what I've been meaning to ask you all day, Mr. Dennis."

"Why am I scared? Should I be scared?"

"...What are your thoughts on adoption?"

"You want to put Olive up already? We haven't even hit the teenage hell that is to be this household in thirteen years."

Mya smirked. "I mean, adding another member to our family?"

And this is the moment Robert questioned his wife's sanity.

Well... it looks like the Dennis family will be fulfilling their "mixed couple" roll earlier than I anticipated.  

And yes, Mya still has questionable expletives... even in front of her child.  But hey, she's a baby... she won't remember, right?

And Blaise returns! Not in a very consequential manner, but hey, a return is a return nonetheless.  She totally did the dirt-eating autonomously again, so I didn't have to plan that element out.  Goodness I love Blaise!

I also caved and used my Joker to re-roll the number of children for GEN 2 (I didn't want a billion cousins running around only a couple of generations in) and rolled two children. MUCH BETTER.

Here is a picture of Olive (since I *totally* spaced and forgot to get a picture of her aging up):
She turned out well, I think.  So far she has her mother's eyes and her father's hair... not too sure about the rest.  I was really worried there for a bit considering Mya and Robert's features, so *hopefully* she ages gracefully... or else I will be disappoint.  

Anyway, chapter six a-ho!

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  1. Aww, Olive has such cute eyes!! <3

    I completely agree with Mya, those IFs are freakin' creepy as hell.

    I love Mya's potty mouth. She should probably clean it a bit before Olive starts talking, though. Although, to be honest, there's nothing cuter than a toddler with a sailor's tongue!