Sunday, July 31, 2011

1.4--Robert's Dream House/Olive

"See, this is it! This is our future house." Robert's excitement was at an all-time high and Mya knew what it meant... Robert was making impossible long-term goals again.

"Rob, this house looks... expensive."
"And beautiful!"

"Well..." Mya began, "if we sell everything we own, including your beloved computer, then we might be able to afford the shrubbery out front."

"This is not the time for jokes Mya. This house will be ours. I did the math and if we save up and never go out, ever, we will be able to afford this place in a decade or so."

"A decade is a long time.  We might find another suitable place before then."

 "You'll change your tune once you see the backyard!" 

"Rob, all I see is the corner of a pool and a small grill."

"Our pool and our small grill." Robert corrected her. "Mya, I just really want a house where we don't have to play human tetris in order to navigate through the hallway... plus, this will be a house our children would be proud of and hopefully inherit someday."

Mya smiled. Even when Robert was at his most impossible, he was adorable. "All right..." she sighed, "you've convinced me.  Let's do it.  Let's save up for our new 'humble' abode."

Robert was ecstatic. "You mean it? You like this house enough for us to make a few financial sacrifices?"

"As long as those sacrifices don't entail us not buying a new washer and toilet then yes, I'm in."

"Besides..." Mya added, "think of all the fun we could have in that pool."

"Yeah... we can totally do some canon balls in that shit!" Robert laughed, turning Mya's lecherous suggestion against her.  "Well... I have to get to work.  Are you sure you're going to be okay walking home?"

"It's just down the street, babe.  Plus, I need to get out of that house for a bit and get some fresh air... or whatever it is you do outside."

Robert laughed. "I love you Mya and I'll see you later when I get home."

"Not if I don't explode with our child first!" Mya teased.

"Please don't do that.  Exploding sounds... unpleasant."

"I love you too Robert. Now go to work! You're turning me into one of those nagging wives!"

With a sigh, Robert took one last look at his dream house.  He didn't care what he had to do or how many hours he had to work, he was absolutely determined to get his family a comfortable home.


A few hours after returning home (and about five minutes after inviting Blaise to the house) and Mya kept her word to Robert.  She felt like she was exploding with their first child.

"That's it! NO.MORE!"
(oh she wishes. *evil laugh*)

"You get your butt to the hospital," said Blaise. "I'll call Robert."

Mya didn't have time (nor care at the moment) to ask exactly how Blaise knew her husbands number.

"I owe you one, Blaise! Dear shit-marbles... If Robert ever touches me again He.Is.Dead."

Robert rushed to the hospital as soon as he got off the phone with Blaise.  There was no way he was missing the birth of his child.  Plus, he was certain if he missed it there was going to be a some serious groveling later.

-----------One excruciating birth later...------------

 ...And Mya emerged with the new addition to the Dennis clan, Olive.

...And Robert emerged with a new perspective on life.  One that involved never cracking a joke to his wife while she was pushing out their child.  The new bruise on his arm from Mya's haphazard punch will certainly cement this new lesson.

"Well, babe" Robert stated as soon as they entered the house, "looks like we are officially a family."

"Yes we are.  Our little Dennis spawn sure is cute."

"Cute? Cute?! She's friggin' adorable.  Although, I am biologically obligated to say so."

Mya laughed. "Just promise me that if she ever asks you if she is pretty when she grows up, you'll leave out that last part." 


"We finally have our little monster." Mya stated as she hugged her new daughter.

"We sure do."

And we introduce baby Olive into the world! Her traits (so far) are Genius and Excitable.  Since I decided to postpone going to the hospital in order to get some good pictures (sorry Mya!), I didn't get to pick Olive's first trait.  But I can live with another Genius.

The house is by Parsimonious in case anyone is wondering, and you can get it from here: Modern Night Life

I fell in love with the house right away and decided to make it Robert and Mya's "Change of Scenery" as soon as they can afford it.  It literally screams Dennis (plus I *might* have entered it as a no-visitor lot to make sure it didn't "scream" any NPC names... hooray for anthropomorphism!).  But, if it isn't obvious from the get-go, they won't be getting that house for a while.

I'm in the beginning stages of adding some new lots to Twinbrook to make it more lively (some bars in particular), so you might see some changes as the story goes on.  Although, as stated before, Robert and Mya don't get out too much right now so maybe the changes will be more seamless than I anticipated.

Aaand... pic spam of Robert and a very-preggo Mya.


  1. Great update!
    Towns change over time anyway (well, in real life, they do, lol), so new bars and stuff cropping up shouldn't be an issue

  2. @yangthecat Thanks! I'm trying to completely change Twinbrook (moving all the commercial lots around) so it might be a drastic change. But your point still stands (and I'm most likely far too lazy to undertake the changes I was planning)... Oh well.

  3. I couldn't stop laughing during this chapter Giga! Your writing cracks me up.

    "...ever touches me again He.Is.Dead."