Saturday, July 30, 2011

1.2--Settling Into a Routine

A couple of weeks into their new town, and the Dennis's had settled into a routine.  Everything was great and even though they were almost penniless (a mere 500 dollars in their bank account), they were getting by.

 Robert got a job as a Private Investigator, which allowed him to make his own hours... 

... and Mya got a job with the local school.  Mya was convinced at this point that it was some kind of Twinbrook quirk to eat dirt, as most of the children she encountered seemed to have a knack for it.

"Maybe I should introduce Blaise to the kids," Mya thought, "they sure have a lot in common."

Even with their, at times, odd hours they always managed to meet up for dinner...

"Well, well.  If it isn't my Inspector Gadget of a husband." Mya teased.

"And if it isn't my Bill Cosby sweater-wearing wife." Robert joked.

"Hey! This sweater is sexy. I left some salad for you on the counter. How was work by the way?  Solve any daring mysteries?"

Robert couldn't help, but laugh.  The most "daring" case he had yet involved mail theft, dumpster diving, and a failed attempt at a break-in just to find someone that was breaking into the library database.

...But she didn't need to know that.  Mya may be inappropriate and open-minded when it came to most things, but potential criminal activity certainly was not something she could tolerate.  

"Nothing too exciting, babe." Robert stated simply. "Silver Racket was convinced that one of her former employees was hacking into the library's system... so I did some... uh, digging and found out he was guilty. Case closed."

"Well aren't I proud of my successful husband.  Did I ever tell you I love a man in uniform? Or in your case, trench coat."

"I know a way you can prove that to me" Robert stated, motioning toward the bathroom.

"I thought we were too good for the bathroom now that we have a house..." Mya was always such a tease.

"We're never too good for the bathroom." said Robert, not missing a beat.

"Lead on prince charming."

Naughty Time Blur-age

"You know, I'm starting to think we have a fetish with cramped spaces." Mya teased between kisses. 

"Certainly not the worst fetish to have."  Robert could undoubtedly imagine stranger fixations.

Mya laughed.  "Let's go to bed Casanova."

Fast forward a couple of days and Mya knew something wasn't right.

"Shit... how are we going to afford a child?"

It wasn't long before Robert noticed her absence and joined his wife on the porch. "Babe, are you okay?"

Mya knew this was no time to dance around the subject.  "Robert," she said grabbing his hands and giving him a charming smile, " you remember when you said you would love to have our own little monster someday?"


"Well... looks like I will be popping out one in oh, about nine months or so."

Words could not express Robert's excitement.  Sure, they barely had enough room for themselves, but he would damn well make room for their child.  Plus, now he had an excuse to linger in the toy section at the stores without his wife smirking at him.

Mya was still apprehensive.  "Are you sure we can do this?  I mean, I'm all for bringing the next generation into this world, but how will we manage?"

"We will find a way."  Robert stated simply.

"So... we are going to be parents, huh?" Mya said as she hugged Robert.

"The best parents." Hugging his wife back, Robert knew this was the truth.

And now the Dennis's were building a family of their own.

Alright, so Chapter Two is officially finished and I'm sorting through pictures for Chapter Three.  I'm amazed with how attached I'm getting to the Dennis family.  However, I have to admit that I am a bit anxious of how aesthetically pleasing their children will be; you probably can't tell from the crappy quality of the pictures, but both have some strong features that, if mixed incorrectly, could turn disastrous.  Oh well... forge ahead I say!

Anywho... I swear I will get more shots of them outside of the house, but for story purposes they are a couple of home-bodies until I get them properly set up.

I also got a bit excited and rolled for generation two (the details can be read in the "Generations" tab at the top) and got five children. FIVE! That poor family is going to have a handful.

Oh, and before I forget; Mya's traits are: Coward, Genius, Handy, Inappropriate, Natural Cook

Also, completely random but utterly hilarious shot of Robert in his delicates.
Fictional exploitation ftw!


  1. Nice second chapter! I think this is another legacy i'll enjoy

  2. Thanks so much! Chapter Two was a bit of a kick to the head since I had so many issues getting the pictures posted here, but I'm glad you like it. I'm moving on to your legacy next, so watch for my comments!

  3. Mya and Robert are a great couple. I'm looking forward to seeing their kids.

  4. Ah, the trials and tribulations of the first generation... It's a hard life for awhile, but they seem like a strong couple!! I love how they hang out on their porch in their undies! Hehe

  5. It's funny, they both like to walk around in their *ahem* delicates quite often (without my intervention and they both do not have the insanity trait). I just tend to go along with the flow.
    And they definitely have some economic trials going for them... :)

  6. "Naughty Time Blur-age"- I lolled so hard when I read that!

    Mya and Robert are adorable. Very quirky, lol. And wow, 5 kids on generation 2... Good luck! :D

  7. @buckley I *might* be using my Joker on that one... for my sanity's sake lol. Thanks for reading!

  8. I really love the way you write both Robert and Mya! Hopefully they don't have too much of a hard time with first born.